Slack suspends access for Russia-based customers

Slack suspends access for Russia-based customers

Slack has suspended access to accounts for customers based in Russia, citing compliance with policies set out by its parent company, Salesforce.

Several Russia-based customers have been locked out of their Slack accounts, Axios reported Tuesday, preventing them from downloading data from the popular collaboration app.  

The data in suspended accounts is not deleted, and access will be restored if and when sanctions are lifted and Slack’s corporate policy changes.

“Slack is required to take action to comply with sanctions regulations in the US and other countries where we operate, including in some circumstances suspending accounts without prior notice, as mandated by law,” Slack said in a statement to Computerworld.

“We are in contact with affected customers regarding the impact of these actions on their account status, where permitted by law. Slack has a very small number of additional Russia-based customers, and like Salesforce, we are exiting those relationships.”

Slack declined to say how many customers have been affected by the decision.

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