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  • WWDC might be hardware-less again this year

    Apple hasn’t revealed new hardware at a WWDC event since the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR made an appearance in 2019, so we were hoping this year would bring a similar sneak peek at the new M2 chip, redesigned MacBook Air, or new Mac Pro. According to the latest rumors, that’s not likely. In […]

  • Apple’s M1 chips have finally made it easy to choose between a laptop and a desktop

    As Apple releases more Macs with its M1-series system on a chip, it seems like Apple’s lineup is getting more complicated. When the rollout is complete, it will be easier to discern what Macs address which markets. There’s one consideration users don’t need to make any more thanks to Apple silicon: you don’t have to […]

  • Apple’s Studio Display is basically a giant iPad

    The Apple Studio Display is expensive for a consumer-level display, but it turns out that the Studio Display has a few secrets that make us wonder if Apple has more in store for it in the future. Apple made it known that the Studio Display uses an A13 Bionic processor and has a 12MP Ultra […]

  • Apple reverses course, now blocks Apple TV purchases on Android, Google devices

    That was fun while it lasted. After about a year of allowing purchases, rentals, and subscriptions in the Apple TV app on Google TV and Android TV devices, Apple has apparently come to its senses. In the latest update to the app on Android, users can only watch previously purchased content. As first reported by […]

  • The loss of ‘decent work’ is making employees less productive

    I was on an international panel for the World Talent Economy forum earlier this week to discuss the topic of Decent Work and Economic growth. Decent work is a concept not used very much these days; it’s an old concept that focuses on the holistic nature of the employee. From Wikipedia: According to the International Labour […]

  • Who will Apple’s M-series Mac Pro be for?

    Apple’s introduction this week of the M1 Ultra-powered Mac Studio means the company already offers a Mac that delivers more performance than many of its users need. With that in mind, people now are asking, who will the M-powered Mac pro be for? The Mac Pro — not for the rest of us The mainstream […]

  • Microsoft delivers a solid, low-impact Patch Tuesday

    March brings us a solid set of updates from Microsoft for Windows, Microsoft Office, Exchange, and Edge (Chromium), but no critical issues requiring a “Patch Now” release schedule (though Microsoft Exchange will require some technical effort this month). We have published some testing guidelines, with a focus on printing, remote desktop over VPN connections, and […]

  • The US is ‘very far’ behind China and others in creating a national digital currency

    Even before President Joe Biden’s White House Executive Order (EO) last week, the US had been exploring the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). But its efforts have fallen far short of other countries. In the Executive Order, Biden called on several US agencies and regulatory bodies to intensify their exploration of a digital form […]

  • Do you know where your software comes from?

    Where does your software come from? That’s one of the questions online users at have asked in recent weeks. Obviously, this comes up as the world sees what’s going on in Ukraine. For many years, one security software vendor in particular was tagged as possibly having Russian ties — and as far back as […]

  • What are the best VPN services for conflict zones?

    There has been a rapid spike in demand for VPN services in Russia and Ukraine since the invasion began almost three weeks ago. People in both nations seek online freedoms as offline misery intensifies, and want to see through the fog of conflict. VPN services see rapid growth in Russia A VPN (virtual private network) service […]