Did Gambling Affect Your Reputation?

While it’s easier for me to admit that I am a losing gambler, there’s still a part of me that tries to hide it.

I know I am not alone in that pursuit, as millions of people wage their own personal “war on addiction” by avoiding social situations in order to not risk their money.

I have been a gambling addict since the age of 19, and in the last decade, I have seen my desire for casino gambling gradually shift.

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For years, my goal was to never lose. With that in mind, I never played for money and was even better off, avoiding the social situations that led to a gambling problem in the first place.

There’s a reason a casino is called a gaming floor and not the sportsbook, and that reason is my reaction to the bar’s ever-increasing craps games.

I can literally feel my heart racing when I walk up to the table and can only stand by and watch as my friends play.

I get over it as quickly as I can. But it’s easy to imagine that my anxiety is showing, which causes me to become aggressive and impatient at the game in order to speed up the playing.

Afterward, I feel guilty and depressed, and as I try to clear my head, I can see the negative repercussions of my gambling problem everywhere around me.

I’m afraid of breaking my parents’ trust, I have a hard time thinking about what I am doing and I am constantly losing my wallet to a trick of the light.

But the problem with that, as I learned, is that when I admit my problem, I see that I am not alone in being a gambler.More importantly, I get to see other people who have been there. I can see how they came to that realization, and understand their reasons.

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