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Hard bamboo floors are one of the most 除甲醛價錢 environmentally friendly options, the popularity of which is growing today. Before deciding to invest in this new gender, think about what might affect their prices.

Ready or unprocessed wood?

When choosing a bamboo floor material, at first glance, you may find less expensive untreated wood, as they usually cost only about $1.50 per square foot. However, check how much extra work you will need to hire to improve the patio. This can lead to a sharp rise in prices, making raw lumber an economical choice. If you decide to complete the finishing and installation yourself, you need to consider additional costs, such as tools that will be needed to smooth, paint and cover the wood.

Instead, you might want to consider buying a standard ready-made bamboo floor, which can range from $1.99 to $4.99 per square foot. Prices vary depending on the warranty period, the quality of the finish, and whether the boards are snapped or single.


Another thing that can increase the price of bamboo coating is the coating. For example, if the plates use Klumpp coating, the price will be higher because it has less formaldehyde, which is considered a toxic substance. However, this type of coating is more expensive in production, so the price is higher.

Installation type

If you choose floors with a snapping joint, they will definitely cost more than regular boards. The easier it is to make the floor, the higher the price will be. However, you will save money on labor, as the installation of slit floors will take less time.


Guarantees vary, from absence to life. You can buy boards with an extended warranty to protect your attachments. When making your choice, check whether you save money even after paying a lifetime guarantee.

Luxury floors

If you decide to buy an elite designer bamboo floor, it is sure to be more expensive. There are boards, processed by hand, on which bamboo floors are more expensive than mass. These specially designed shelves can cost more than $12 per square foot.

Prices for the floor of massive bamboo will be different, but it always depends on the durability, which can be achieved only with the right care and care.

If you’re looking for a budget flooring option but don’t want to sacrifice the look, try the hard bamboo floor  a stylish and practical choice.

Not all cabinets are the same. There are many ways to build a closet that explains different prices from different manufacturers. What material are the boxes made of? How are the details of the boxes going? Which core is used for shelves and/or drawers? Do the facades of doors and drawers in the store or on the spot be painted? Are they decorated with wood and is the wood trimmed on a pre-applied surface, or does the cabinetry place a veneer in its workshop? What is the last layer applied to the open surfaces of doors and facades of drawers? What guides do you use to control the boxes? What are the loops used for? Wardrobe style – European lining or encrusted with a facial frame?

  1. Cabinet drawers: the best and most durable material for drawers is hardwood plywood, usually maple. “Best of all. The back panel of the box should be 1/2” for maximum stability. Many manufacturers only use 5/8 inch thick sides and a thick inches back panel. The less preferred material is a wood-chip slab with a melamine-treated surface, usually with the addition of carbamidoformaldehyde, which causes gas release and affects indoor air quality. Now you can get a green core without adding formaldehyde urea, which is best for the environment.
  2. Boxes with drawers. Boxes with drawers are the most commonly used part of the cupboard, and they are best designed with swallow tail connections, the example shown on the left. Many boxes have sides glued or glued and staples, and they are not finished as well or reliably. Often the lower boxes are even rough to the touch and not polished.
  3. Guide and loop box: once the box is installed, it is better not to see the guide box. This is the material that will allow you to open and close the box. Today, pads are increasingly used under the support. Those that have a soft closing function allow you to push the box to a certain point and then close it yourself. This will prevent the tray from closing, which can damage it over time. The cheapest way is to install guides on the side of the drawer.

Door and facades of drawers: these are the finished areas of the cabinets that you will see after the installation of the cabinet. Attached to drawers or nightstands with screw loops. It can be an array of wood, plyed wood, painted wood, painted MDF (medium density DVP). They can also be made of laminate or plastic called thermal film. The material you use certainly affects the appearance and price you pay for it. They can consist of a solid or five-barrel door or a drawer. A five-piece panel can have a flat sunk panel or a raised panel that usually has some details. The other four parts frame the panel and can also be detailed. The more details, the more expensive the facade. The heavier the design of the door or front of the box, the more expensive each of them. If plywood needs to be placed on a substrate, they are more expensive than plywood, already applied to a plywood substrate or CPD.

  1. European style lining or insert: The European-style cupboard door and drawer are attached to the outside of the box, while the style insert shown in the photo on the left requires a frame around the doors and drawers, which is an additional step in the process. As a result, the deployment style requires more work because of the extra details. As a result, betting style becomes a more expensive option.
  2. Final finish of doors and facades of boxes. The most durable finish is baking with a conversion varnish. Large producers usually have this opportunity. Small local shops can’t. They often transfer this part of the work to an outsourcing company that can. It is important to have a strong coating that can be wiped out with a damp cloth, and a conversion polyrol is the best way to achieve this. The properly painted finish should be covered with conversion varnish to prevent chipping. This is not possible if the cabinets are painted in place. When using varnish, the surface turns yellow over time.

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